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Smoke alarm & Heat alarm

Advanced Multisensing Photoelectric Technology
Intelligent SensorX™ series heat, optical smoke detectors and multisensors

SensorX™ series is state-of-the-art analogue addressable detectors designed to be sensitive to a wide range of fires and may be used in place of an ionisation detector. Efficient, versatile and cost-effective SensorX™ solutions will respond quickly to flaming as well as smoldering fires. Detectors are derived from the finest materials to ensure excellent performance and prevent false alarms.


The Everday SensorX™ analogue addressable detector can be configured to work as an optical smoke, heat or combined optical smoke / heat detector which is compatible with a version of the Everday protocol used by several fire / security panel manufacturers. It is designed to be sensitive to a wide range of fires and may be used in place of an ionisation detector in many instances. 

When polled by the control panel it returns an analogue count determined by responses from optical, heat or both sensors. 

Signals from the optical smoke chamber and temperature sensor are independent, and represent the smoke level and air temperature respectively in the vicinity of the detector, the detectors microcontroller processes both signals. 

Build-in isolator is optional. 

The detector is fitted with a 10-way dipswitch whose function is defined below: 

Switch 1 to 8 determines the detectors hardware address 1 to 250.
Switch 9 - Protocol Select
Switch 10 - Hardware/Software Addressing Select 

Terminal 1 = CN5 = ISO-VE    Connection for software addressing only
Terminal 2 = CN4 = REM-    Connection for switched remote -VE (RIL) output
                                               Output must be limited to 2mA at 24V dc
Terminal 3 = CN2 = LP+    Connection for panel loop +VE and remote +VE (RIL)
Terminal 4 = CN3 = LP-    Connection for panel loop -VE
Terminal 5 = CN1 = REM+    Can be used for remote +VE (RIL) limited via 2.2K omhs resistor internally

Wiring Diagram 

Technical Specification 
Operating voltage        17-28V dc
Quiescent current        400uA
Power-up surge          1mA
Alarm current, led on      4mA
Remote output    
Connects to neg line      8mA max
Clean air analogue value    27 +/- 6
Alarm level analogue value    55
Alarm indicator    2 Red LEDs, with optional remote LED
Amber LED for Optional Isolator    
Optional Isolator Indicator    Yellow LED
Operating temperature    -20 °C to +70 °C
Humidity (no condensation)    0-95%

SensorX™ series accessories: