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UMC has established a comprehensive set of response procedures aimed at addressing the needs of a diverse range of emergency conditions, thus reducing management uncertainty to the lowest achievable level.

Based on the evaluation of the company's operations, UMC classifies risks into:

Operations Risks and Financial Risks Management

UMC holds shareholder meetings and investor conferences regularly to maintain a high-level of financial transparency. The company consistently meets its obligation as corporate citizen by participating in public and social activities

UMC closely monitors the changes of policies and makes proper adjustments in internal systems and business activities accordingly to ensure the smooth operation of the company.

In case of a material shortage due to centralized purchase, low vendor capacity, accidents or natural disasters, UMC has its suppliers store and manage materials in the UMC warehouse to lower the risks of material shortage. Relevant operation guidelines are formulated based on four aspects of "Risk Assessment", "Business Impact Analysis", "Incident Management and Operations Plan" and "Materials Emergency Purchasing".

For further information please click the links below 2017 Annual Report.

Business Continuity Management

UMC recognizes that sustainable business operations have to provide its valued customers and important stakeholders with uninterrupted services. To maintain customer satisfaction in terms of variety, quality and continuity is the biggest objective of the company’s business continuity management. In addition to developing site level-business continuity plan, UMC implements the business continuity management system following ISO 22301 to ensure the highest possible operating level and further protect the interests of customers and stakeholders during a disaster.

In 2013, UMC, a leading global semiconductor foundry, received ISO 22301 certification for the business continuity management system and became the first foundry worldwide to achieve ISO 22301 certification. In 2016, certification was extended to UMC’s Fab 12i in Singapore, achieved the company goal for all of its 12-inch fabs to earn certification, reaffirming to customers UMC’s commitment to providing uninterrupted foundry services.

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