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The brandname Everday™ has been a symbol of quality and reliability for many years. No matter where you are, you can find Everday's products and the spirit our products adhere to. We are proud to be a key supplier of fire safety products to global markets.

Everday Technology has been designing and manufacturing conventional/addressable smoke, heat, gas and CO detectors for residential and commercial establishments for over 15 years. All of our products are made in Taiwan using components and plastics sourced from Taiwan and Japan. Our new state-of-art factory with higher production capacity has been in full operation since Jan. 2010. To ensure efficiency, we test and calibrate every unit using advanced testing equipment, improving reliability and preventing false alarms. Our detectors are UL, EN, VdS, CE and BSi approved and exported worldwide. We offer high-quality products with efficient order lead-time and unparalleled customer support.
Special OEM Opportunity
SD 360 Advanced Smoke Detector
UL/EN Approval
Designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of wireless security systems. The detector has extra room to fit your RF module and ensure reliable operation.

Date : Sep. 27 to Sep. 30, 2016
Hall 7 , booth Number : 7G07
Place : Essen, Germany
Security Essen is the most important trade fair for security and fire prevention in the world.

Everday are glad to announce the attendance at Security Essen 2016 to show our cutting-edge products that serve to the need of current fire/security application.
EA-318 Reliable Fire Protection
EN-54 listed and time-
proven EA-318 optical smoke multisensors deliver affordable safety at the highest reliability standards.
Intelligence & Safety: SensorX™
Efficient, versatile and cost-effective addressable smoke and heat detectors SensorX™
M-330: Your Carbon Monoxide Safeguard
UL/EN Approval
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the most commonly encountered and pervasive poison in our environment. M-330 is a new solution for advanced CO and smoke detection.
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Get help and advise from the experts. We know the complicated and expensive process of obtaining fire safety certificates.
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